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Myron Taylor Hall Law Library


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Indulge in the timeless elegance of our exquisite painting capturing the essence of Cornell University’s esteemed Myron Taylor Hall Law Library. This meticulously crafted artwork brings to life the grandeur and intellectual atmosphere of one of the nation’s preeminent law libraries. The rich, warm tones used in the painting evoke a sense of serenity and peace, as soft light spills over the rows of towering bookshelves, each tome seemingly holding centuries of legal knowledge.

The artist skillfully portrays the architectural splendor of the library inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the profound world of legal academia. Whether you’re an alumnus reminiscing about the days spent studying at your favorite table or an admirer of architectural beauty, this painting serves as a timeless homage to the academic legacy embodied by Cornell University’s law library.

This piece comes professionally printed using archival materials to preserve its vivid colors for years to come and is ready for framing or hanging.

3 Canvas Dimensions Available + Custom Dimensions Upon Request:

10″ x 19″ — $31.00

15″ x 28.5″ — $65.00

20″ x 38″ — $116.00

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Stretched Canvas is Coming Soon!


10" x 19", 15" x 28.5", 20" x 38"