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Beebe Lake


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Transport yourself to the serene beauty of Ithaca, New York, with this captivating painting of Beebe Lake. Expertly crafted by a skilled artist, every brushstroke captures the essence of this picturesque location. The vibrant hues of autumn foliage reflect in the crystal-clear waters, creating a mesmerizing dance of colors. The artist masterfully conveys the tranquility of Beebe Lake, with its peaceful surroundings and the gentle ripples of the water.

Whether you have a personal connection to this charming corner of Ithaca or simply appreciate the beauty of nature, this painting brings the calming energy of Beebe Lake into any space, making it a perfect addition to your art collection. Let the soft reflections and vivid details transport you to the heart of upstate New York, where the beauty of Beebe Lake is forever captured.

This piece comes professionally printed using archival materials to preserve its vivid colors for years to come and is ready for framing or hanging.

3 Canvas Dimensions Available + Custom Dimensions Upon Request:

10″ x 14.61″ — $29.00

18″ x 26.3″ — $72.00

26″ x 38″ — $126.00

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Stretched Canvas is Coming Soon!


10" x 14.61", 18" x 26.3", 26" x 38"