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Cherry Blossom Lane


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Step into the serene beauty of Cornell University’s Cherry Blossom Lane with this exquisite painting capturing the ephemeral magic of spring. The canvas comes alive with delicate hues of pink and white as cherry blossoms cascade gracefully along the pathway leading to the iconic McGraw Tower. Each petal is meticulously painted, creating a symphony of color that mirrors the fleeting yet enchanting nature of these blossoms. The soft play of light and shadow, expertly captured in this piece, evokes a sense of tranquility, making it a perfect addition to any space seeking to embody the timeless elegance of nature’s fleeting moments.

Whether you’re an alumnus yearning for the nostalgia of campus in bloom or an art connoisseur captivated by the beauty of nature, this painting is a celebration of Cornell University’s Cherry Blossom Lane that transcends seasons and captivates the soul.

This piece comes professionally printed using archival materials to preserve its vivid colors for years to come and is ready for framing or hanging.

3 Canvas Dimensions Available + Custom Dimensions Upon Request:

10″ x 14.61″ — $29.00

18″ x 26.3″ — $72.00

26″ x 38″ — $126.00

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Stretched Canvas is Coming Soon!


10" x 14.61", 18" x 26.3", 26" x 38"